PMA co

Pishgaman Aria

Pishgaman Memari Arya has established in 2008. Three years later, with the registration of the exclusive PMA brand, the company started the production of porcelain porcelain slabs (ORIGINAL DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN MANUFACTURE) ODM and launched its products to domestic and foreign markets. DESIGN FULL BODY PORCELAIN

Believing in the value of investing in HR, all sales forces of the company are selected from graduates in civil engineering in B.S. and M.S.c. levels with site operational experiences and have been trained in several different fields. This young energetic and experienced team is supported by PMA’s different departments like RMD, Training, Research, Technical Support & Customers Club.

PMA has fulfilled its customer’s cognition need by large & wide connection with our country’s best & reliable consultant companies and architectural offices.

Product Design;
After recognizing customers’ needs, most trended designs are selected from well-known Italian design ateliers finalized by the high quality of raw materials, modern machinery and technology.

Production & QC;
Different ranges of porcelain ceramics and slabs producing in sizes 30×30, 40×40, 60×60, 80×80, 60×120, 120×120, 160×160, 120×240, 160×320 cm sizes, are carefully monitored by PMA‘s QC team. These products are appropriated for different applicatory areas such as Residential, Commercial, Educational, Administrative, Hospitals, and Industrial.

Certificate & Test Reports;
All products in PMA have obtained ISIRI CERAMICS together with Europe CE. In addition, PMA is sampling randomly its productions and sending them to different qualified LAB such as Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center, SAM institute in Turkey. All reports are recorded.

Material’s Selection Advice;
Product Selection Consulting Services are provided by our sales forces considering customer’s need, site situation, project fields of application & products technical characteristics.

Technical Support;
To enhance the quality of our services after delivering the goods, all sales forces under the aegis of technical support department provide different services like technical visit during project execution, case assistance according customer’s need, training executive teams like craftsmen …

After Opening;
All projects subject to heavy traffic with specific usage are provided with technical assistance in order to improve their maintenance through periodic visits.

Social Responsibilities;
PMA has set its mission based on Training & Learning. In this regard, it has been organizing related seminars and workshops.